metal surface  technology,The introduction of foreign Advanced metal surface  treatment technology,Create environmentally friendly  energy-saving green products Welcome to the new and old customers to consult and order.Tao agent, galvanized sheet phosphate, zinc phosphate agents iron phosphating agent, aluminum etching agent Passivation agent, stainless steel cleaning agent passivating agent metal surface treatme To meet the domestic and  international environmental standards Committed Greener Earth Our expectation is"Quality, service first,  price concessions, environmental green"The purpose of customer service
    Served many customers and the industry, the metal surface treatment industry has a deep understanding of different issues in different sectors of metal surface treatment technology insightful and mature Case
    Product range, basically a full range of treatment agents have, and adequate inventory,Strong transport capacity, the fastest on the day orders, same day delivery
    R & D TEAM
    The company has a strong metal handle testing, analytical ability, especially some of the environmental problems of complex metal surface treatment technology to solve, we can solve and achieve environmental health
    We have excellent sales experts and a high level of technical service engineers. And to establish its own deployment laboratory experiments....
    Foshan Nanhai Li Bao Metal Surface Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sale of environmental health metal surface treatment agent in one of the technology-oriented enterprises, products include: pottery agent, galvanized sheet phosphate...
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